At FIRE, transparency and security meet innovation and agility

Fixed-rate investments in real estate with a Smart Contract

Investment in luxury real estate with 7-15% fixed interest p. a. and an attractive compensation model

✓ Blockchain-based ✓ Transparent ✓ Attractive Compensation Model

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FIRE combines international real estate projects with blockchain technology.

Stability of real estate + transparency of the blockchain = Investment of the future.

With the FIRE Token, we have created a direct and unique connection between real estate and blockchain technology. Our vision is to protect capital from inflation with fixed interest rates, enable attractive returns, and combine the proven stability of real estate investments with the future viability of the blockchain, thus initiating a new era of financial prosperity.

Illustration: The operating principle of the FIRE concept and the FIRE Token.

What is FIRE about?

FIRE is a fusion of investments in worldwide construction and renovation projects in the hospitality sector (hotels, apartments, luxury residences) and a stable ERC-20 blockchain.

FIRE combines the solid value appreciation and profits of luxury real estate with the advantages of blockchain technology. We use our own ERC-20 based Dragonfly Blockchain to provide transparency, security, and accessibility of all investments. Discover how we unite these two worlds to create a new era of investing that offers both stability and growth for you and your clients.

Illustration: The FIRE Timeline: The forecast and roadmap of the FIRE Group Ltd.

The Components of the FIRE Ecosystem.

1. The FIRE plattform

Everything starts with a free account on the FIRE platform, where you receive your own dashboard to track your investments and value developments.

2. The FIRE Token

Investments with FIRE are tied to our own FIRE Token. Investors receive daily interest payments in the form of FIRE Tokens, which they can withdraw at any time.

3. The FIRE Community

Thousands of people are already benefiting from FIRE and are actively engaging with us and other FIRE members through Zoom, Telegram, and our FIRE live events and roadshows.

The FIRE Dashboard

FIRE Blockchain Transactions

From your FIRE dashboard, you can view and track all FIRE Tokens that are deposited in your account (investments + interest + commissions) directly and transparently on the blockchain.

FIRE Team Overview

In the FIRE dashboard, you will find your team overview, which helps you keep track of everything. No matter how quickly your team grows, the dashboard provides an overview and automatically pays commissions for your qualified team sales.

FIRE Bonus Promotions

Our FIRE team enjoys developing unique bonus packages, which often include a gift (e.g.: Invest €2,000 and receive an additional €150 in the form of FIRE Tokens). Such promotions can be booked via the dashboard when available.

FIRE Updates & News

Even though there are lucrative interest rates and investments with FIRE, it is still primarily a community. In addition to our Telegram channel and our weekly Zoom calls, you receive all updates directly in your FIRE dashboard.

Benefits for you as a brand ambassador:

Benefits for you as a client & investor:

Insights into our construction projects:

The team behind the FIRE Group

AB_FIRE_Team (2)

Gerrit Kössling

CEO and Founder of FIRE, Gerrit Kössling, is a visionary entrepreneur with decades of experience and the CEO/owner of several international companies.

CEO & Founder

Fire Group Ltd.

Andreas Baese

Multi-entrepreneur and sales specialist, speaker on blockchain and Bitcoin with experience in management, business consultant, and coach – there’s almost nothing in the field of sales that Andreas Baese doesn’t know due to his extensive experience in sales development and sales leadership

Co-founder & Community Manager

Fire Group Ltd.

Andreas Baese

Patrick Kogler

Sales and communication expert. Consultant for digital sales development in the field of process optimization. With over 11 years in the business, Patrick brings a wealth of experience and knowledge

Community Manager

Fire Group Ltd.

The FIRE concept: Explained in one video

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At FIRE, transparency and security meet innovation and agility

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